Sell Your Gadgets Today!

Looking to sell your unwanted gadgets?

Zarax Ltd pays top dollar for your working or non-working electrical items!*

Are you thinking “Where can I sell my gadgets today?”  Do you leave cash lying around the house? Probably not; but it has been estimated that most of the population will have unwanted items gathering dust at home, packed away in the attic or sitting in the back of a cupboard. While these gadgets may be of no use to them, someone else would buy them in an instant!

These items could be worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds – so why leave them lying around the house? We buy a wide range of electrical items that include:


Gifted a game you don’t want? Or have a few games that have been sitting around? Let us take those off your hands.

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No matter if you are (or were) an amateur or professional photographer, we want to buy your used cameras. We buy any make, model, or condition!

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As Apple releases new products, iPods quickly depreciate in value. Don’t wait to sell your old model! Turn your unwanted iPods into cash today.

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Sell your TV to Zarax. We’ll offer you the same top prices for any of our gadgets… and we’ll also dispatch a courier to come pick it up.

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Whether you’re a PlayStation loyalist looking to upgrade or you can’t stand the sight of Sony, we’ll buy your unneeded PS3.

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Why not sell your used (or even broken) Xbox 360 to Zarax, and let us help you afford an Xbox One? No matter how dusty it is, we want to buy!

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With phone providers offering upgrades every year or two, almost everyone has a used phone sitting around. Turn it to cash with Zarax!

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Laptops old, broken, or new? We want to buy your laptop from you! Plus, we’ll always give you more money than anyone else for it.

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  • I have used Zarax more times than I can count. Why? …….. because they do awesome work! Always get good, fast service through Zarax. They are the best. I’ve recommended them to so many friends who have also sold their laptops with Zarax. It’s my favorite way to get money to keep buying better laptops !
    Nader Bacok
  • I actually think I’m addicted to Zarax. After I sold my first phone I was so happy with how it went, I found like three other phones to sell. Then I dug out my old laptop and sold that. Then I offered to take my family’s old phones and laptops and take them to “recycling.” Which meant selling them. The phone was just the gateway gadget! Lol! Anyway thanks for feeding my addiction, you guys are great.
    Breanne Spencer
  • Very very good. Two thumbs up. Would give three if I could. So much money for my old phone!
    Nkemdilim Daniels
  • Love using Zarax! I can ship them all my used phones and I get the money within a week! I didn’t believe when they said I could get more than on ebay so I looked at what my phone was selling for. It’s the truth though. There were people selling their phones for what Zarax was going to give me but no one was actually buying them for that price.
    Adrianna Plaskett
  • I came to say how amazing Zarax is and how fast their service and how they gave me so much cash for my old phone. But hey I think the other testimonials speak for themselves… all these good reviews are 100% true, Zarax is true to their word. They just do really good business.
    Macario Reyes
  • I get a phone upgrade every year with my phone company. So every year I take my old phone to Zarax. One of them had a crack on the case and they still bought it. One of them had water damage and they still bought it. If you’re going to do it just make sure you keep the box and manuals and stuff. That way they can give you a higher price.
    Zohar Patterson
  • So first they have you fill out a quote, which only takes like five minutes. They say it takes an hour to get back to you with the price. I got my email in fifteen minutes. They came to pick up my laptop so I didn’t have to ship it or anything. Someone was able to come pick it up the very next day! They took it back to their shop and the day after that, they gave me the exact amount IN CASH. So basically the whole thing only took like two days. It was amazing! I’ll definitely use it again.
    Lindsey Joyner
  • I wanted to surprise my bf with a new laptop for his bday. But I didnt have the money. So I took one of his old laptops (plus I had an old one) and I sold them to Zarax. Even though both laptops didn’t work good. I still got almost all the money I needed to buy his present. Plus, it was so quick that my bf didn’t even notice his laptop was gone :):)
    Pattie Aiza
  • The staff at Zarax is great. Really friendly, plus such a fast turnaround time. I still can’t believe they came to pick up my laptop at my house. I thought for sure I’d have to pay for p&p to get it there, or drop it off myself. Thanks for the awesome experence.

    Philadelphia Ramsey
  • Thank you for good service and honest business. Thank you for fast turn around time. Thank you for buying my laptop. Thank you thank you thank you.
    Aurelio Michaelson

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