I cannot say enough good things about Zarax. I sold my TV to them last month. Their website was really easy to follow. Then the quote form took only two minutes to fill out. I got a reply with a really really good quote in like half an hour. I called them and asked if I could download a shipping label or anything.


The person on the phone was so nice. He told me I didn’t need to worry about shipping because they would come to my house and pick up my TV for me!!!!! I have never even heard of a company that does that! So they pick up my TV and I had the money in my Paypal account the very next day. This process was so fast and so easy and plus the customer service was absolutely great. I’m about to search my house to find laptops or phones or something just so I can sell them to Zarax again. I’m that happy with this experience.


Seriously thank you guys so much.

Tito Corra

I lost my camera, and the day I bought a new one, I found my old camera again. I needed the replacement money quick. Zarax helped with that. Everything was so easy to sell my camera.

Babajide Jernigan

Thank you for buying my old iPod! Even though it didn’t even work anymore!

Alysia Thacker

I sold a few old games with Zarax. I think I got a really good deal although I didn’t shop around much because I was in a hurry. Their process was really fast and easy and they gave me exactly what I expected.

Elisa Sexton

I didn’t have time to lug my TV to the nearest store to sell it. Plus it’s kind of heavy. Zarax came and picked it up for me so I didn’t even have to pay shipping or take it to the store. And they gave me such a good price for it. Thank you Zarax. I will definitely be using you again when we replace the bedroom TV.

Judit Durand

I sold my PS3 to Zarax and put the money toward a PS4! Their service was really fast! I got the PS4 just a couple of days after my game came out! So cool!

Faizel Kimberley

GameStop is such a ripoff these days and they were barely going to pay me anything to sell them my Xbox. Ebay doesn’t really give the best deals either. Zarax sent me their quote right away and then even came to my house to pick up my Xbox. With other service I was going to have to ship to them. So easy definitely recommend.

Nadira Kendall

I hadn’t even used my old netbook in like two years. The charging unit broke and its battery would die within minutes. My sister told me about Zarax after doing business with them. I sold my old Acer netbook and was so happy with the service that I sold my laptop, too, and used the money to buy a better one.


Now my husband’s laptop is getting old and I’m trying to get him to sell it. Thinking about selling all our used phones too because you guys just make everything so easy. Thanks for being awesome xx

Nikki Kauffman

If you don’t want to spend your time or money in selling your used laptop, choose Zarax! I probably put about half an hour into everything and got the money via bank transfer within a week!! I sold a Dell Inspiron laptop and they gave me a very good price for it compared to what I expected! So happy!

Naomi Dane

My laptop was broken so I didn’t expect to get much for it. With the prices quoted to me by other websites I was about to just sell the parts for cash. But Zarax quoted me three times as much as one of their rival websites! Even though it was broken, I still got enough that I could put the money towards a new laptop for school. Really impressed.

Nura Lucas

I used the money I got from selling my laptop to buy a steak dinner. It was delicious. Plus, the process was really fast. Thanks for the steak, Zarax.

Nashwa Young

I went into this expecting the worst. It’s the first laptop I’ve sold online. I was blown away. The whole quote process was done in just a few minutes. Then they picked up my laptop with their courier service (I didn’t even have to worry about shipping). When they got it back to the store they actually called me and said it was in better condition than they thought and they gave me an even higher price than quoted! I’m definitely a fan now. Such good service.

Serenity Myles

I go through a new laptop every year or two because I need really good computers in my line of work. I’ve tried a couple other companies but I didn’t like the way they did business. Quoted me a lot more than what they actually paid.


Zarax was different. I now use them every time I’m selling an old laptop and use the extra cash towards buying a new one. Couldn’t do it without you guys. You’re the best.

Itumeleng Sumner

I’ve never sold anything online before and I was really afraid that I was gonna be ripped off or something. Zarax actually paid me so much for my laptop that I felt like I was ripping THEM off!! Everything was really easy and the staff was so friendly when I called.

Linsay Kauffman

Very very good. Fast process and paid exactly what I was quoted. Thank you.

Gosse Rosenberg

When my mother passed away, it fell to me to find a home for her stuff. The laptop was almost new so I figured I’d sell it. What an amazing process you guys have. Everything was so easy. Selling all her other stuff was really difficult and I was really stressed out about it. By making your process so simple you’ve actually really helped a guy in need.


Thank you for being a shining light in this process. Definitely recommend to friends and family.

Yong Bengochea

I was so happy selling my phone through Zarax that I found three more old ones and sold them, too! I didn’t get much for the older ones but that’s expected I guess. I had my mom sell her old phone, too, and she was just as happy with the service as I was. You guys rock.

Amanda Brewster

Wow! I got exactly what they told me I would get and they could even deposit it to my PayPal address! I got the funds so quickly! This was a great experience for selling my phone! Thank you Zarax!!!!

Betsy Garret

Thumbs up. Easy, quick, and shipping was free. I got exactly what I was quoted within a week of shipping my item. Such a pleasant experience.

Oswald Sargent

Such a refreshing change in how most people do business. I’m sick and tired of crappy customer service but you guys were fast, honest, communicative. I wish everyone at my stupid bank would sell their phones to you and realise how companies are supposed to do business.

Janeka Swindlehurst

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