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Businesscoms offer clear and effective business communication solutions to small and large businesses alike. The infrastructure of your company can be transformed by taking advantage of the clear cut, high efficiency protocols that Businesscoms offer.

Businesscoms’ reputable services include, but are by no means limited to: Fixed Line Telephony, Gigabit Internet with download and uploads speeds of up to 1000mb/s (That’s right, 1 Gigabyte transfers, per second), Dual Path Communication and Cloud Computing. The Gigabit Internet is exclusive to the Peterborough area, however they do offer extensive broadband deals throughout the UK.  If you need broadband Peterborough then don’t hesitate to find out what deals they have for you.

Their range of services can also be broken down into various sectors, they are specialists when it comes to adapting their services to a particular industry and seek to ensure that the product is tailored to the needs of the consumer. Whether you’re in the education, automotive, hospitality or retail sector, Businesscoms offer a unique service that can help transform the means and level of communication already present.

Their team of dedicated professionals hold certain core values dear. With a clear passion for what they do, and pride in delivering bespoke solutions to their clients, they are a tangible and reliable service.

Moreover, they are also able to empathise with clients understanding the limitations that a budget can pose. Thus, they tailor all of our solutions depending on the size and needs of your business.

Integrity is what Businesscoms centre on, and see it as paramount to their growth. Loyalty and commitment are at the forefront of how they treat their clients as well as suppliers and partners.

Be sure to visit them today at and discover how they could transform the infrastructure of your company.